Are you a creative entrepreneur who is feeling both overwhelmed and excited about building your business this year? Are you ready for an income breakthrough but you are not sure where to start?

Now is the perfect time to invest in yourself and in your business. Make this year your BEST YEAR EVER by getting the support you need!


I have helped hundreds of creative entrepreneurs just like you to build profitable businesses by creating a vibrant, visual and dynamic business strategy that works.

I am here to tell you that there is a better and easier way to make the money you deserve, to work smarter not harder and to finally get on the path to profit and stay there.

You don’t have to do this alone! 6 figure breakthrough club


Something you should know is that creating a business plan has helped my clients to double and triple their income in a very short period of time. The Creative Entrepreneur’s Path to Profit is the exact process I use to help hundreds of creative entrepreneurs achieve their financial goals. They are no longer riding the rollercoaster of feast or famine in their business and they continue to see double-digit increases in their bottom line.

If you have read my best-selling book, The Artful Marketer: The Fundamental Business Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs, you understand that any business model can benefit from having a strategic marketing plan. Once you get the formula for marketing to and attracting more of your ideal clients, you can easily accomplish your income goals AND reduce how much time you work, freeing up your time and energy to pursue other business-building projects or spend more time with family.

Are you…

  • Needing to generate cash right now and don’t know what marketing will work for you?
  • Investing in marketing tactics that aren’t generating any leads or generating the wrong leads?
  • Speaking and networking but not connecting with the right people?
  • Frustrated by not knowing how to create a plan that will work for you and your business?
  • Overwhelmed, over-worked and over-tired from trying to be everything for everyone?
  • Secretly feeling envious of the success you see other people having and wondering what you are doing wrong?
  • Feeling stuck at the same income level as last year and year the before?
  • Wanting to get the next level of financial success in your business but have no clue how you will find the time or what steps to take?

Let’s be honest, the joy of being a creative entrepreneur fades fast when you’re trying to generate necessary cash flow and you’re short on time, either because you’re new and you need to get money rolling in to grow your business…or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur and you need to do something — fast, to free up your time and give yourself breathing room so you can focus on taking your business to the next level.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business and creating enough of it is a serious problem that creative entrepreneurs need to solve … TODAY!

Which is WHY creating a dynamic one page visual business plan is my FAVORITE answer to solving these problems. I encourage you to get the tool and support you need to succeed by joining the Creative Entrepreneur’s Path to Profit Academy, in which I teach YOU my simple, tried and true formula for creating and implementing your own insanely profitable Color Wheel Marketing Plan™ — saving you from spending your limited time trying to figure it out all by yourself, and making it quick and simple for you to get into action now so that you can make profit, fast.

Every time I mention that I can help creative entrepreneurs master the art of marketing their business in 30 minutes a day or less in my workshops, training or coaching programs, people clamor to find out all the how-to details. Which is why, after years of helping my clients create their perfect business and marketing plans, I knew it was time to share my “Creative Entrepreneurs Path to Profit” secrets with more people and I wanted to make it affordable, accessible and super creative.

Get excited, because this online academy is so dynamic, you’ll quickly find yourself:

  • passionate about your business again
  • implementing your plan daily, without stretching your time or your budget
  • generating more of the right leads than you ever thought possible
  • having more time to spend doing the work you love
  • celebrating your new financial success

5102096_sThe Creative Entrepreneur’s Path to Profit Academy will help you to streamline your business so that you have more time, less stress and are making more profit than you dreamed was possible! And you get all of that plus the ongoing support of a loving, artful and like-minded community of creative entrepreneurs.

The Path to Profit Academy is perfect for you if you have been struggling to grow your business on your own.


  This is the perfect program for you, and I’m ready to walk you through exactly how, step by step…

When I first started coaching and consulting I mistakenly thought I didn’t need the fancy marketing strategy and business planning that I used to build my 6-figure publishing company. Wow, was I wrong.

I really floundered my first year in business, even though I knew that planning was what I needed. Once I sat down, put a plan in place and implemented my plan – I tripled my income! Planning works.

Don’t make the same mistake I did! In this 12-month group coaching program, you will discover the simple structure to create an effective marketing plan with step by step instruction, templates and handouts so that you can focus on what works.

Once I realized that I could use my artistic gifts and talents to create a marketing plan that works, I was so excited. I mistakenly believed that I had to create a traditional business and marketing plan based on spreadsheets and analytics.

And now I’m going to teach you how to do the same plus I will provide you with the accountability you need to create sustainable success all year long.

Here’s exactly what you can expect:

  • Template and audio on how to create your one page visual business plan in one afternoon
  • Access to Minette’s extensive library of marketing audios, checklists, and templates
  • One live marketing webinar each month on a particular aspect of mindset, money or marketing
  • One Q&A call each month where you can ask Minette anything and get one-one live coaching
  • Private Facebook group for ongoing support, sharing and networking
  • Weekly email tips and motivation to keep you on track
  • Monthly ARTsignments® and Mindfulness Activities to keep you inspired and connected to your creativity


You can expect a fun combination of the practical, the playful and the profitable delivered by Dr. Minette Riordan, an award-winning business and marketing expert, best-selling author and master teacher.

The value of this program is well over $5,000.00. I am so committed to your success and helping you to get on and stay on the path to profit, that I want to make this easy for you to say yes!

Get the tools and support you need to get on the Path to Profit, fast for just $97.00 a month.

Here’s what Minette’s clients have to say:

brittanyallen“A super big thank you to Minette Riordan for being an AMAZING, AMAZING coach and for bringing me back to life. In less then one month she has already helped me turn the tables and start to rock my graphic design business again! She is brilliant with her input, advice, strategies, ideas, support and guidance and really wants to help you succeed.”Brittany Allen, 2nd Story Design

“Before our session I felt stuck and unclear, now I am clear about what I’m offering, who I’m offering it to, and have an easy to follow plan of action. You had such an incredible ability to use creative and fun tools to help me focus in on what my ideal client looks like…thanks again and I look forward to working with you again!”Ellany Cevan

heather-quiring“Minette, I can’t thank you enough for the value you brought to me for my company. You helped me achieve the goals I was striving for and in such a short time. With your amazing knowledge and expertise, I have grown as a business owner AND met what I was hoping for. I would recommend anyone wanting to learn more about marketing their business to connect with Minette. She is such fun to work with and has all the skills necessary to assist anyone in business. Thank you!”Heather Quiring, Travel Directions

Kathy-Garland“Minette’s clear insight and feedback reignites my passion for my purpose. In our conversation, Minette brilliantly guided me to the core of what I want to do next in my business. She masterfully asked questions so I uncovered my perfect niche and helped me translate my ideas into a tangible benefit for my ideal client.”Kathy Garland, Kathy Garland International

Stephanie-Grisham“One month working with Minette Riordan and my sales have doubled!!!

She has helped me grow my business quicker and bigger than I could have imagined. My investment in her is the best investment with the biggest payoff that I have ever made for my business.”Stephanie Grisham, Grisham Farms